Opt for Shop and Drop Program for Senior Citizens

What is Opt for Shop and Drop?

Opt for Shop and Drop is a program coordinated by Millburn Township to encourage the high risk population to stay home and stay healthy. This program is designed for residents who do not have younger family members to shop for food or take care of picking up and dropping off their prescriptions.


  • To decrease your risk of getting the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Allowing you to remain in your home without having to go out for basic needs
  • To decrease exposure to surfaces that can be contaminated with the virus
  • To keep you healthy


For residents with no family member or friend under 60 years old living nearby to pick up basic nutritional and pharmaceutical needs, and who meet the prerequisites listed below:

  • Persons aged 70 and older
  • Persons aged 60 and older who have underlying health conditions that place them in the higher risk category.

Please keep in mind that due to our limited resources, this service is only available for those who do not have a reliable support system.

Who is vulnerable?

Every person is capable of receiving and transmitting COVID-19, but the symptoms presented increase in severity for older persons and those with chronic medical conditions like heart disease, lung disease and autoimmune issues.

The best solution for the vulnerable population is less exposure to people. Although someone may appear asymptomatic, they can still be positive for the virus and unknowingly transmit it to you.

How to Opt for Shop and Drop?

If you meet the requirements listed above, we strongly encourage you to call the Hotline number at 973-447-1223 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. If no one answers, please speak clearly and leave your name, phone number and street address.

Please take advantage of this service to keep you healthy while we go through the Coronavirus outbreak.

View the Opt for Shop and Drop flyer here: Opt for Shop and Drop