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1. What is Affordable Housing?
2. Is the Township required to provide an opportunity for Affordable Housing units?
3. What is a builder's remedy lawsuit?
4. How can builder’s remedy lawsuits be avoided?
5. Does Millburn have an Affordable Housing Plan?
6. How likely is it that a municipality can successfully defend a builder’s remedy lawsuit?
7. Why are the courts in control of determining Millburn’s affordable housing obligation?
8. Will a court consider the economic impact to the community, including schools?
9. Why can’t the Township’s affordable housing litigation be discussed publicly?
10. What opportunity would there be for public comment on the Township’s affordable housing Plan?
11. Where can I learn more about Millburn’s current Affordable Housing situation?
12. What is a motion to intervene in the Township’s Housing Element and Fair Share Plan?
13. Where can I find information on 85 Woodland Road, LLC., et al. v. Township of Millburn, et al.?